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One Sky Foundation share some of their work in Thailand supporting children from disadvantaged families to stay in education. Many children and their families face tough choices with children often moving into private children’s homes in order to have an education, despite having a family. One Sky believes institutionalization of children is a choice and not a necessity.

A thought provoking animation about a young boy and a struggling family in need of help. What is the best way to help vulnerable families in Thailand?
We have added Thai subtitles to this insightful video made by ACCI Missions and Relief where young Christians share their thoughts about undertaking overseas mission trips and why they chose not to get involved with orphanages.
“A child’s life is so much more than the sum of its parts ‐ and the love a family brings holds everything together. From the very beginning, a child thrives on individual care and attention. A baby quickly forges a bond with loving parents – and because of this bond the brain develops with remarkable speed and complexity. But this picture of childhood can be a fragile one. Conflict and disaster can destroy the foundations of family life… once a child enters an orphanage, a very different picture of childhood can emerge.”

Listen to Lumos Founder and President J.K. Rowling talk about the impact of life in an orphanage in our new animated film, Children Need Families Not Orphanages.

If you see or hear about a child in danger please contact:



Thai Government Child Protection hotline


Childline Thailand hotline

Learn more about Alternative Care in Thailand

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